Newbuilding track record

To date, we have a track record of successfully delivering more than 100 newbuilds. 

Offering a comprehensive newbuild supervision service; we leverage our extensive experience by anticipating the complexities and planning processes to meet our clients’ needs including life cycle assessments, innovation and technologies that can increase vessel’s performance or commercial utilization value and minimise environmental footprint.

Ship view from top

For each consultancy and in any aspects of the vessel operations

  • Our experienced team provides on-site newbuilding supervision, ensuring vessels are constructed in accordance with contract, specifications, and regulatory requirements.
  • In-depth progress monitoring during the design, construction and commissioning phases assures customers the timely delivery of their new build vessels.
  • Our broad experience in conducting technical evaluations, specification reviews, plan approvals and yard/manufacturer selection, means vessels are built and delivered with the highest reliability standards.
  • Regular inspections by our expert site team ensures the safe and quality construction of customers’ new build vessels.

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