Technical services

Our specialised team provides unwavering support for dry docking

Working closely with reputable shipyard partners and industry specialists, we focus on meeting client’s operational requirement and repair needs. From planning, project management to completion, we ensure all effective maintenance works are executed on time in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Blue ship positioned for dry docking at port

Customer objectives are met with precision and accuracy

  • Our dedicated team provides specialist support to ensure vessels are dry docked and repaired in accordance with customer’s objectives.
  • With detailed planning and monitoring, customers have confidence that their dry docking is carried out in the most cost-effective manner and to the highest standards.
  • A comprehensive list of dry-docking specifications is reviewed and maintained across the fleet to continuously improve quality and reduce unnecessary work and expense.
  • Review, identify and appoint reputable shipyards and negotiate best prices for single or block dockings.

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