Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Overview

Eaglestar has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by delivering the world's first LNG dual-fuel Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC). With this pioneering vessel, Eaglestar has set a new standard for the industry, and its leadership in the field of LNG technology is truly commendable.

Please check the table below to find out more about our vessel.

Vessel nameYear of buildDWT
Bunga Kasturi Lima2007300,246
Bunga Kasturi Enam2008299,319
Eagle Vancouver2013319,580
Eagle Varna2013319,580
Eagle Verona2013320,122
Eagle Venice2016300,342
Eagle Victoria2016299,392
Eagle Versailles2019320,122

New buildings

Vessel TypeShipyardCargo Capacity (DWT)
VLCC (Dual-Fuel)SHI Geoje298,700
VLCC (Dual-Fuel)SHI Geoje298,700
VLCC (Dual-Fuel)DSME300,000
VLCC (Dual-Fuel)DSME300,000
VLCC (Dual-Fuel)DSME300,000

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