Chemical / Product Tankers Overview

Eaglestar's exceptional track record speaks for itself, with over 10 billion barrels of petroleum cargoes delivered over the past decade. Their versatile fleet includes a range of tanker sizes, from the efficient Panamax and Aframax to the larger Suezmax and VLCC vessels, ensuring that they can meet their customers' needs with ease. 

In addition to transporting crude oil, Eaglestar also handles refined petroleum products, chemicals, and vegetable oils, utilizing their state-of-the-art LR2, MR2, and Chemical Tankers. Their commitment to providing safe, efficient, and reliable transport solutions has made them a trusted leader in the industry.

Please check the table below to find out more about our vessel. 

Vessel nameYear of buildDWT
Bunga Lavender201019,996
Bunga Lilac201119,992
Bunga Lily201119,991

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