Aframax Overview

Eaglestar has delivered and operating the world's first LNG dual-fuel Aframax tankers. Please check the table below to find out more about our vessel.

Vessel nameYear of buildDWT
Bunga Kelana 92004105,500
Bunga Kelana 102004105,500
Eagle Torrance2007107,000
Eagle Turin2008107,000
Eagle Kuching2009107,481
Eagle Halifax2010114,700
Eagle Hamilton2010114,022
Eagle Hanover2010114,700
Eagle Hatteras2010114,028
Eagle Helsinki2010114,700
Eagle Kangar2010107,481
Eagle Klang2010107,481
Eagle Kuantan2010107,481
Eagle Hydra2011113,968
Eagle Kinabalu2011107,481
Eagle Kinarut2011107,481
Eagle Barcelona
Eagle Brisbane2018113,327
Eagle Bintulu2019113,327
Eagle Brasilia2019113,089


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