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Our training and career development programmes

Our training programmes for our sea and shore staff, is not only focused on career progression and performance of the individual, but also towards overall operational excellence. 

Eaglestar’s excellent retention rate of over 95% is a testament of employee satisfaction achieved across our talented and diverse crew.

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Eaglestar is committed to continuously developing our seafarers at all levels from cadetship right up to leadership. 

We continuously seek ways to enhance their industry knowledge and capabilities in various aspects of the business and operations.

Come join us if you believe in the possibilities, and together, we deliver maritime solutions to build a better world.

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Benefits of our training programmes

  • Produces a highly skilled talent pool with high retention rate across all ranks.
  • Gives flexibility in crew deployment to Eaglestar’s pool of vessels.
  • In-house multiskilling strategy by developing officers’ capabilities to operate different fleets by training and deploying them on various types of fleet. Our officers are capable of efficiently operating:
    • A diversified fleet of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers (conventional steam and DFDE), Crude Oil carriers, Dynamic Positioning shuttle tankers (DP2 standard), Product/Chemical vessels (Type II) and LNG Floating Storage Units (FSUs).
    • Technologically advanced vessels such as Marine Containment Vessels (MCVs) and petroleum tankers (Aframax) propelled by dual fuel engines (LNG and Fuel Oil).

  • Full Deck and Engine cadet sponsorship programme by Eaglestar.
  • Training our superintendents for on-the-job coaching.
  • Simulator based training and various courses on e-learning portals.
  • Training facility at the Malaysian Maritime Academy (also known as ALAM), a maritime academy under MISC Group.

  • Defined career path.
  • Competency management system.
  • Competency development support with study grants.
  • Performance based incentives.

  • Sea staff seminars and conferences held in multiple countries and via virtual events.
  • Focused workshops, seminars and conferences for knowledge sharing – contemporary and new information.
  • Open and transparent feedback through web-based platforms.
  • Shore attachments for career enhancement and future progression.

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