Health, Safety, Quality, Environment and Energy (HSQE-En) Policy

Eaglestar strives for excellence in all activities under the control of the organization including Health, Safety, Quality, Environment and Energy matters to achieve our objective of “ZERO HARM TO PEOPLE, ZERO INCIDENT, ZERO SPILL AND EFFICIENT USE OF ENERGY” in promoting safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment.

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Substance Misuse Policy

Eaglestar is committed to providing a Substance misuse-free workplace as Substance misuse impairs employees’ work performance and the safety of one’s self and others, posing a threat to Health, Safety, Security and Environment. ‘Substance’ includes any illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, legal psychoactive drugs obtained or used without legal prescription, and legally prescribed psychoactive drugs consumed beyond their therapeutic or prescribed uses.

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Security Policy

Eaglestar adopts an effective security management system across the Company which will identify, evaluate and manage security risks to our people, asset, information and reputation.

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