Nurturing Marine Life and Beyond

Since 2018, in the honour of all our seafarers, we've been actively supporting the Turtle Conservation and Information Centre (TCIC) in Melaka, understanding its crucial role in protecting marine life.

Recognising the financial constraints faced by TCIC in constructing additional turtle nesting and hatching areas, Eaglestar seized the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. We are thrilled to announce our voluntary support for the construction of a secure nesting zone at TCIC, providing approximately 300 hatching spots across 900 square meters along the beach front.

Our CSR Team at Eaglestar.

On June 21, 2023, aligning with this year's MARPOL theme, "MARPOL at 50 & Our Commitment Goes Beyond," Eaglestar orchestrated a series of impactful initiatives towards marine conservation. Our team wholeheartedly engaged in beach clean-ups, turtle conservation efforts, and the release of baby turtles at the Turtle Conservation and Information Centre in Malacca. This collective endeavor underscores Eaglestar's commitment to preventing marine pollution, supporting marine life conservation, and uplifting the communities we touch.  

This initiative is not just about meeting regulatory standards; it is a testament to our dedication to contributing positively to society through conservation of marine life. We are excited about the enduring impact this initiative will have on both the local marine ecosystem and the communities we aim to uplift, reinforcing our pledge to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Gallery

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Eaglestar is honored to contribute to sponsoring the construction of turtle nesting areas. On behalf of Eaglestar, Ms. Uma Devi, Deputy Director of Human Resources at Eaglestar, had the privilege of officially handing over the cheque to Ms. Siti Mastura, Head of TCIC Malacca, emphasizing our commitment to environmental conservation.
Image 2
Our dedicated team is cleaning up the beach, ensuring that the area where the turtle has laid its eggs remains pristine. Our commitment extends to safeguarding the nesting site, providing a clean and safe environment for the next generation of turtles.
Image 3
Here, our team is focused on the cleanup of the turtle pond, prioritizing the well-being of the turtles that inhabit it. Our commitment extends beyond beaches to encompass all habitats crucial to the thriving of these remarkable creatures.
Image 4
To further express our commitment to this initiative, we had also released baby turtles onto the beach. This symbolic gesture not only signifies our support but also underscores our dedication to the well-being and conservation of these precious creatures, contributing to the overall success of the project.
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At Eaglestar, we're proud to play a role in preserving our marine ecosystem because it's crucial for our well-being. We understand the importance of caring for our oceans and are committed to ensuring a sustainable and healthy environment for everyone.

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