Eaglestar: Delivering Excellence in Ship Newbuild Supervision Services

Eaglestar: Delivering Excellence in Ship Newbuild Supervision Services

Eaglestar has always taken a wholistic approach to be a trusted provider of ship newbuild supervision services with an impressive track record of delivering over 260 ships to date. Our comprehensive services encompass every stage of the newbuild process, leveraging our extensive experience to meet and exceed our clients' needs. From Pre-Contract Award, Engineering Review, Site Supervision to Post Delivery.

  1. Pre-Contract Award:

    • Design Concept Development: We work closely with clients to develop design concepts that align with their requirements and industry best practices.
    • Yard Evaluation: Thorough assessment of shipyards to ensure they meet quality, capacity, and capability standards.
    • Outline Technical Specification Development: Crafting precise technical specifications to guide the shipbuilding process.
    • Tender Documents Development: Assisting clients in creating thorough and competitive tender documents.
    • Shipbuilding Contract Development: Providing expertise in developing comprehensive shipbuilding contracts to protect our clients' interests.
  2. Engineering Review:

    • Plan Approval: Careful review and approval of ship plans to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
    • 3D Model Review: Utilizing advanced technology to review and optimize ship designs for enhanced performance and efficiency.
    • Model Tests: Conducting rigorous model tests to validate design parameters and ensure optimal ship performance.
    • Maker Selection: Collaborating with clients to select reliable equipment makers for the ship's components and systems.
  3. Site Supervision:

    • Subcontractors' Audit: Assessing subcontractors to ensure they meet quality and safety requirements.
    • Factory Acceptance Tests: Monitoring and evaluating equipment and components during factory acceptance tests.
    • HSE Management: Prioritizing health, safety, and environmental management throughout the construction process.
    • Construction Supervision: On-site supervision to ensure adherence to design specifications and industry standards.
    • Commissioning: Overseeing the commissioning process to ensure proper functioning of all ship systems.
    • Sea, Gas, and/or DP Trials: Managing and overseeing sea trials, gas trials, and dynamic positioning trials.
    • Final Acceptance & Delivery: Ensuring the ship meets all contractual requirements before final acceptance and delivery.
  4. Post Delivery:

    • Guarantee Period Monitoring: Providing support during the guarantee period to address any technical issues.
    • Technical Support: Offering ongoing technical support to clients post-delivery.
    • Project Lesson Learnt Development: Conducting comprehensive assessments to identify lessons learned and drive continuous improvement.

We go beyond delivering ships; we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our focus on life cycle assessments, innovation, and technologies allows us to enhance vessel performance, increase commercial utilization value, and minimize environmental footprints.

With our commitment to excellence, experience, and environmental stewardship, Eaglestar is the ideal partner for ship newbuild supervision services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can contribute to the success of your shipbuilding project.

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