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About Eaglestar

A Dynamic Shipmanagement Company Pioneering a New Path Forward

Eaglestar is a renowned provider of integrated marine services, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each client. From marine surveying to ship management, our services have earned the trust of ship owners worldwide. With a modern and diversified fleet of oil tankers and gas carriers, supported by a team of highly skilled professionals both at sea and ashore, Eaglestar is fully equipped to handle all your shipping needs.


To consistently provide better energy-related maritime solutions and services.


To be consistently better, we strive:

  • To exceed the expectations of our customers
  • To promote individual and team excellence of our employees
  • To create a positive difference to the lives of communities
  • To care for the environment and operate responsibly
  • To drive sustainable value for our shareholders

Delivering Tailored Marine Solutions

Over 50 Years of Industry Experience

Backed by half a century of combined experience in the shipping industry, Eaglestar is a leading provider of high-quality marine services. Their expertise and resources enable them to optimise vessel performance and profitability across key vessel segments in various markets. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service sets us apart in the industry and guarantees that clients benefit from their vast knowledge and experience.



Over half a century of combined Industry experience and knowledge.



Operates and manages more than 100 vessels spread across the globes.

Award Winning

Award Winning

Health, Safety and Environment Standards.



Diverse workforce of > 5,000 professionals from over 30 nationalities.



Safeguard relevant approvals to ensure vessel tradability



Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) period extended to over 1000 days from 3 Aug 2016 to 12 May 2019.

Costs incurred

Costs incurred

Costs incurred commensurate with asset's reliability and operations quality



Project management & newbuildings supervision across a range of vessels from LNG carries to Petroleum tankers.

LNG dual-fuel

LNG dual-fuel

Pioneers in the successful construction and operation of LNG dual-fuel Aframax tankers and DPSTs.



Our story of maritime excellence

The Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC) was incorporated to manage the delivery of cargoes across the globe. Fleet management services (FMS) were established to manage ships for MISC.

The first large-scale LNG vessels were delivered in history when the first cargo of LNG was shipped from Bintulu, Malaysia to Japan via the "Tenaga Satu" vessel. The Tenaga series includes five sister vessels, and the first one was delivered in Japan.

International logistics provider MISC Berhad (formerly the Malaysian International Shipping Corporation) was acquired AET, which would then operate as a wholly owned subsidiary. At the time, AET had a fleet of approximately 25 vessels. This acquisition gave MISC the necessary critical mass and strategic positioning to cater to its global petroleum clientele. The company now has a presence in the Atlantic Basin, the Persian Gulf, and the East Coast.

MISC Fleet Management Services (FMS) and AET Shipmanagement (AETSM) have merged to establish a new subsidiary, named Eaglestar. This is a joint venture between MISC and AET, with FMS being phased in to Eaglestar in May, followed by AETSM in August 2017.

The integration is a significant milestone for the MISC Group, as it brings together over 60 years of knowledge and expertise from both companies. By doing so, it promises to enhance operational efficiency, provide more growth opportunities for ship management colleagues and sea staff, while delivering the same quality service to our fleet and customers worldwide.

Eaglestar's commitment to exceptional shipping practices has not gone unnoticed in the industry. 

  • The Lloyd's List Global Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the shipping industry, recognizing outstanding performance and innovation. Eaglestar's win in this category highlights their dedication to excellence in all aspects of their operations.
  • The ClassNK Tanker Operator of the Year award is another significant achievement, as it recognizes Eaglestar's commitment to safety and environmental responsibility. This award is given to companies that demonstrate excellence in tanker operations, including safety management, maintenance, crew training, and environmental protection.

Eaglestar has achieved a significant milestone by completing the first LNG bunkering for LNG Dual-Fuel Aframaxes - Eagle Brasilia and Eagle Bintulu. The two vessels are designed to operate primarily in North West Europe and were bunkered at the Port of Rotterdam. The bunkering process was expertly coordinated by MISC Group's Integrated Marine Services unit, the technical manager, and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) engineers to ensure the highest level of safety. Eaglestar's unique combination of expertise in handling both LNG and petroleum places it in a strong position to demonstrate the operational and environmental benefits of LNG as a bunker fuel, particularly in light of the shipping industry's increasing efforts to comply with more stringent emissions regulations.

Eaglestar's commitment to excellence has been evident through its recent project achievements. Not only has the company completed construction of the world's first dual-fuel DPST, but it has also delivered Southeast Asia's first LBV and the world's largest VLEC. These accomplishments demonstrate Eaglestar's ability to lead the industry in innovation and technology.

Eaglestar's achievement in delivering the World's First Dual-Fuel VLCC for AET is a significant milestone in the maritime industry. This accomplishment not only demonstrates Eaglestar's commitment to innovation and sustainability but also sets a new standard for the entire industry.

Eaglestar's recent delivery of the Mark-III Flex Plus LNGC with WinGD XDF propulsion marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to expand its portfolio and capabilities. This latest LNG carrier boasts advanced technology and features that make it more efficient and environmentally friendly than previous models.

In addition to the delivery of this impressive vessel, Eaglestar has also opened a new office in Brazil to support its growing operations in the region. With this expansion, the company is now better equipped to provide top-notch services for DPST and vessel operations, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.

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Sustainability at Eaglestar

Collaboration is at the Heart of our Sustainability Approach

Our sustainability efforts extend beyond environmental stewardship. We also prioritise the health, safety, and well-being of our crew members, ensuring a safe and supportive working environment. By investing in training programmes and adhering to strict safety protocols, we aim to achieve the highest standards of occupational health and safety.

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